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Welcome to the Cochran Firm Charlotte

As a Personal Injury and Civil Litigation firm, we focus on helping clients navigate the legal system in situations which involve being hurt at the hands of another person or company, as well as an abuse of power by a parent, spouse, or business. The Cochran Firm Charlotte understands that few things are more upsetting than the feeling of helplessness which arises when you are unable to fully address a situation where you feel someone has taken advantage of you, or you have been cheated or wronged by someone you may have once trusted. Attorney Fox is passionate about leveling the playing field between customers and business owners, small business and big business, families and injured parties. Success is defined by the client, and achieved through a partnership which encourages a mutual understanding of the issues and options. After speaking with Attorney Fox, you will  quickly realize she will be a zealous advocate to fight in your corner.



$20.2 Million Jury Verdict for family of a school teacher who suffered injuries as a result of being struck from behind by a truck. Not only is this verdict the largest in Clayton County, Georgia history, it is also the largest verdict in a wrongful death case a female and an African American as lead attorneys, as obtained by the partners practicing in
The Cochran Firm.



$100 Million Jury Verdict for a mother and child who were struck by a car as pedestrians, as obtained by the partners practicing in The Cochran Firm.



$197 Million Jury Verdict for plaintiffs injured when their rental vehicle, which was insufficiently equipped with seatbelts, struck a disabled tractor trailer truck. This is the largest personal injury verdict of any kind in the history of the state of New York, as obtained by the partners practicing in The Cochran Firm.

Ms. Fox is admitted to the Bar and licensed in two states: North Carolina and New Jersey


Memberships Include:

  • The National Bar Association

  • Mecklenburg County Bar Association,

  • North Carolina State Bar Association,

  • New Jersey Bar Association,

  • American Bar Association, and

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Meet Attorney Fox

A native of Philadelphia, PA, Ms. Fox attended Catholic and private schools, before graduating with a B.A. from Temple University’s Department of Media Studies & Production. What followed was a successful career in the entertainment industry while living in Los Angeles, CA, for close to 20 years. During that time, Ms. Fox used her natural gift of persuasion to negotiate multi-million dollar contracts for some of the music industry’s most notable recording artists. 


After starting a family and experiencing the legal system first hand, Ms. Fox realized there was as much a need for her to pursue the practice of law, as there was a need for people like her to practice. As the single mother of two boys, Ms. Fox defied the odds, and not only worked while attending law school part-time, but completed the rigorous program in just two years, graduating cum laude with distinctive honors in pro bono service, and consistently achieving “Best Advocate” during regional competitions on the Trial Team Advocacy Honor Board.  


Ms. Fox believes her compassion as a parent, and frustration as a plaintiff, has allowed her to draw upon personal life experiences to form a strong conviction that aids in her ability to vigorously fight for the rights of her clients, their families, and hardworking people who do not deserve to be taken advantage of as consumers.

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Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

When a loved one is killed due to the wrongful actions of someone else, the victims beneficiaries may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit for any claims the victim may have been entitled to, had they survived. Often times personal injury lawsuits can be avoided where level heads prevail, and parties are able to mediate. The Cochran Firm Charlotte, is committed to working with families who are grieving the loss or injuries of a loved one, and in need of an advocate who understands and empathizes with their pain. Attorney Fox believes success in this area can offer the family closure where wounds may take years to heal. A FREE consultation is the first step to ascertaining responsible parties, and determining whether or not your family has valid claims for which you are entitled compensation.


Consumer Protection 

Whether there’s been a breach of contract, fraud or other violation, The Cochran Firm Charlotte is committed to working with individuals who are being taken advantage of by corrupt and unethical business owners who think ‘the little guy’ has no one to fight for them. Attorney Fox believes success in this area ensures protection for the client, as well as the North Carolina community overall.  A consultation is the first step to determining whether you have a valid claim for which you are entitled compensation.

Civil Rights / Police Brutality 

The United States Constitution guarantees every individual the right to equal protection under the law. Founding partner Johnnie Cochran fought zealously for all of his clients, not just the famous ones. His belief in strong advocacy and justice for all victims, fuels the firms belief that all persons are entitled to justice and fair treatment. At The Cochran Firm Charlotte, we work tirelessly to review acts of police brutality and other civil rights violations, to determine the necessary steps to achieve justice for our clients, and effectuate positive change throughout the community.

Criminal Defense

When you or someone you love is accused of a crime and arrested, it is most important that you exercise your RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT and request counsel immediately. DO NOT continue speaking to anyone under any condition once you invoke this right. Call the Cochran Firm Charlotte immediately at 704 762-1588, advise of your location and charges, and silently wait for a response on representation. Our office has a dedicated team of experienced defense attorneys who regularly handle both misdemeanor and felony cases, in both federal and state courts. You can trust the legacy of Johnnie Cochran to be at the forefront of your representation, with a focus on zealous advocacy of your rights.  

Family Law

Family law is one of the most personal areas of the legal system. It has the unique responsibility of attempting to regulate matters of the heart, at a time when many are broken-hearted and afraid of what they have to lose.  As a mother and divorcee, Attorney Fox is able to use her own experiences as well as legal knowledge, to assure clients the journey which lies ahead, while frustrating and disappointing, can also be productive and successful. A consultation is the first step to establishing a new normal for your family, which is in the best interest of your children, and ultimately your family.


When a child is born out of wedlock, a Father must petition the court for rights to all of the parental privileges automatically provided to the child's mother. Legitimation entitles a child born out of wedlock to inherit from his biological father as if he were born into lawful wedlock, and allows the biological father to be added to the child's birth certificate, and have the child's surname reflect that of the father. As a Special Proceeding, Legitimations can be daunting without legal guidance. A consultation is the best way to determine if you and your child are eligible for Legitimation.   


There are few people who have never made a mistake, but poor decisions can have a long lasting effect on your life when it results in an arrest or criminal record. The State of North Carolina allows a person to expunge eligible charges from a criminal record, giving a person a clear record as if the charge never happened or existed. So often a criminal record can cause unexpected complications which prevent a person from attending school, getting a job they rightfully deserve, getting certain licenses, securing housing, and even volunteering at their child’s school. As a service to the community, Attorney Fox offers an analytical review of your criminal record for potential expunction options for only $100.00! If eligible, your expunction will cost an additional $175.00. a mere fraction of what other offices generally charge! Click Here for more information.

Concierge Legal Services for Business Owners

A concierge is defined as, one who attends to the needs of another on a whim. In this spirit, The Cochran Firm Charlotte offers concierge legal services to business owners in need of a trusted legal advisor. This need exists where a business owner may not have the resources for in-house counsel, but has the desire to gain access to a legal resource who can aid in making informed decisions to help with the growth of the company. By subscribing to a monthly service plan, businesses are able to gain the benefit of having counsel ‘on-call’ for various legal and non-legal matters. This would include creating or reviewing contracts, reviewing company policies, drafting employee handbooks, or simply calling with a proactive idea for avoiding problems and preventing future litigation.


It’s important that you trust your attorney. Consultation allows you to determine whether or not The Cochran Firm will be the best choice to represent you. By providing the details of your case, Attorney Fox is able to conduct a thorough assessment of the issues, and provide you with accurate information and options for dealing with them. The answer is not always a lawsuit, as this can often be avoided.



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