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There are few people who have never made a mistake, but poor decisions can have a long lasting effect on your life when it results in an arrest or criminal record. The State of North Carolina allows a person to expunge eligible charges from a criminal record, giving a person a clear record as if the charge never happened or existed. So often a criminal record can cause unexpected complications which prevent a person from attending school, getting a job they rightfully deserve, getting certain licenses, securing housing, and even volunteering at their child’s school.

As a Student Leader for the Pro Bono Expunction Project in conjunction with NC Legal Aid, Attorney Fox devoted much of law school working tirelessly within the Charlotte Community to expunge records. Her desire to have positive effect on the community continues in her practice, as she is committed to working to effect positive change, one person at a time. Attorney Fox offers an analytical review of your criminal record for potential expunction options, which could lead to a successful expunction of your record! Did you know that once a record is expunged, it’s as if it never happened and you can legally deny it? 

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