“I never imagined when I was in that car accident, it would leave me in so much pain for so long. Even though my car wasn’t totaled, my injuries were extensive and the pain just seem to last forever. The insurance company offered me $500 to settle at the scene, and within a few days I had a check in hand. Thankfully, a friend told me not to cash the check until I spoke to an attorney, and she referred me to Attorney Fox. It wasn’t long before I realized the insurance company tried to take advantage of me, and my lawyer had my back. After extensive therapy and ongoing testing, I learned I had permanent injuries required quarterly injections. Had I cashed that check for $500, they would not have been responsible for my bills, even though their driver was at fault. I am so thankful to Attorney Fox for representing me and settling my case, which included the cost of my injections for the future. I will always check with her first before making any important legal decisions.”  CB - Durham, NC

When I met with Ms. Fox, she surprised me by saying I did not need an attorney to handle my concerns. She provided me with instructions on what needed to be done, and directed me to the Mecklenburg County Self Serve Center. There I was able to get the paperwork I needed and handle the issues on my own. She could have easily taken my case and charged me hundreds if not thousands of dollars to do the same work. The $125 consultation fee was well worth the time and information I received from Ms. Fox. I recommend her to anyone who needs and attorney, and will gladly return to her should I ever need legal assistance again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"  NK - Pineville, NC

After meeting with close to seven attorneys over the course of a couple of years, no one would take my case. When I met with Attorney Fox, she told me I had a good case, but for the amount of work involved and the likelihood of a long expensive road ahead, she could understand why most attorneys would not take it. Thankfully, she saw value in the civil rights aspect of my case, and filed my lawsuit just one day before the statute of limitations was to expire. I truly appreciate her knowledge, and all of the hard work she put into advocating for my rights, and the rights of others like me. At the end of the day, the case settled, and I believe the work of Ms. Fox will have them thinking twice about racially profiling in their stores again." 

PL - Charlotte, NC

I was referred to Ms. Fox by a mutual friend who assured me I was in good hands. He was right! When my daughter was born, her mother told me that SHE was in charge. After months of being punished by not being able to see my daughter, I decided I needed to get the courts involved. Within 3 months of filing my lawsuit, Ms. Fox was able to get me a custody order that allowed me to have my daughter every other weekend and one night per week. Now that she’s a bit older, it seems her mother understands that fathers matter too. Now I don’t have to worry about not seeing my daughter when her mother gets mad. My rights are protected and I owe that to Ms. Fox!  BR - Charlotte, NC

When I moved out of my apartment several years ago, prior to being evicted, I thought that was the end of my problems. But 4 years later, I learned that even though I was not sued or evicted, the management company reported me to the credit agencies and I had an eviction on my record! It was ruining my credit and preventing me from getting a house! Ms. Fox was able to contact the company (which had been sold and was under new ownership), show them my lease and payments, and file motions to have the records corrected. It didn’t happen overnight, but it all worked out and I am really happy she could get me back on track. I recommend her to everyone for everything. JG - Southpark

My ex-husband refused to communicate with me at all. We ‘shared' the kids, but on his schedule and based on whether he felt like it or not. Sometimes he would show, sometimes he wouldn’t. His actions left our kids devastated, and kept me at his constant beck and call. Being under his thumb and in limbo all the time got very old, tiring, and unfair. Attorney Fox was able to help me secure an order with a specific schedule and time frames for pick up, and drop off. If he didn’t show within a reasonable window of time, we were able to move on with our day and plans. The order helped him understand the need to stay on schedule. It took him a while to understand the concept of respecting our time, but after missing a few visitation opportunities because of it, he rarely disappoints the kids anymore, and I can schedule my day as well. I can’t thank Attorney Fox enough for getting a huge piece of my life back!She is the best!" LJ - Charlotte, NC

Words can’t truly describe the great work Ms. Fox has done on my behalf, but I’m going to attempt to do so anyway.  I came to Ms. Fox with specific issues that in my eyes were clearly unjust. As an active duty Army Officer I was being limited and almost restricted on the amount of time I was allowed to see my son, be it in person, electronically or even simple updates on his activities and general well-being.  After a brief consultation with Ms. Fox, she took me on as a client and immediately jumped into action. Fast forward two and half years later to present day, and I sit here with having my son every other weekend, alternating Holidays to include Christmas and Thanksgiving, having him the whole summer (now mom gets him every other weekend), electronic communications twice a week, and also regular well-being updates. I can’t thank Ms. Fox enough for her professionalism and dedication to me as a client and devoted Father.  Thank you Ms. Fox."  AD - Augusta, Georgia

Faith guided me through the very difficult experience of finalizing my divorce. She was professional, knowledgeable and prompt. Most importantly, she was compassionate. I highly recommend working with Attorney Fox. It’s always nice to have a lawyer who can understand how you are feeling about such a difficult process."   LL - Charlotte, NC

One of the best things about working with Attorney Fox, was her ability to explain things whenever I had questions or concerns. The last thing I wanted to do was lose custody of my daughter to a man I felt couldn't keep her safe. Ms. Fox helped me to understand my options even while I was very emotional and scared. When I finally had my day in court, I felt at ease and prepared, and I am so thankful I had her in my corner! My daughter gets to enjoy both parents and I feel better about her safety when she is gone. I wouldn’t have made it without her!"  AM - Charlotte, NC

Attorney Faith Fox has been an answer to my prayers! I met her in the courthouse right in midst of my storm when everything was so out of control. She came into my life and handled my case in a professional, quick and thorough manner. When I thought all hope was gone, her expertise was exactly what I needed. My case was handled delicately and efficiently. Currently in a custody battled, and domestic violence situation, she was able to represent me and proved my case to where I was able to maintain full custody of my child and get the 50B domestic violence protective order I needed to reestablish my family's life. So grateful for Attorney Fox and her services! She has been a true blessing to myself and my family."  

CW - Concord, NC

Finally, after 4 years of having some of the most celebrated and expensive lawyers in Charlotte, someone is listening to me and really helping me! I know nothing is guaranteed, but just the detail and way you covered all of my pain, embarrassment, and mental control I’ve been under as a result of my ex-husband’s status and position in the city, I feel I can take a breath. You very eloquently wrote out my experiences with understanding and compassion. I thank you. My entire family is so very grateful.”


SF - Gaston, NC

He threatened my life if I ever tried to take my daughter, stole her from me, and lied to her about why I was gone. For years, I was too afraid to fight back. When we went to court, the judge believed his lies and he was awarded primary custody. When my daughter began to suffer, I had to fight and God led me to Attorney Fox from eight states away. She explained that it would be tough even though he violated the order, because I was out of state. But when trial was over, I was awarded primary custody and my daughter finally came home!! I have prayed every day for the last five years that my daughter would be returned to me, and I know that only happened because of my lawyer. Attorney Fox saved both of our lives.”

Thanks. Faith——

A Grateful Mom, Upstate, NY